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Sry for the late post. I've been busy meeting new people and eating some nomnomnom food! Also, I've been reunited with my laptop, allowing me to blog again.
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Packing For My RTW Trip.

sunny 40 °F

The main advantage of carrying everything in my backpack is the ability to run away from ligers, cougars, and scary people. Knowing that I would put myself in a dangerous situation during my trip, I bought an Osprey Farpoint 55L backpack in summer 2011 and have been testing this backpack throughout my post-college domestic trips to Philadelphia, Northampton, Peperall, New Haven, New York City, Columbus, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbra. This non-obese specimen has a decent amount of space and security to store all of the necessary baggage. What's great is that it's also legally a carry-on in all of the airlines I've hopped on. In addition, the backpack has a daypack zipped with the main backpack. So, if an airline representative wants to quibble with me that my Osprey 55L backpack is too large like a fat man's gut I can always unzip the daypack from the main pack, allowing the fugly looking gut to shed some kilograms, and designate my daypack as a second bag. However, I don't think I'll encounter that problem in the US or abroad.


Everything that I have listed is what I'll be packing into my noice backpack. (Night Owl, say it with me! 'NOICE'!")

Note: Regional South East Asian airlines such as Tiger Airways only allows one free carry-on bag under 15 lbs. or punishable by fees starting at SG$ 15. Therefore, my backpack will be under 15 lbs.

Clothing, Shoes, and Spectacles:
- 1 x Eddie Bauer Rainer Storm Shell Jacket
- 1 x The North Face soft core inner jacket with the two holes allowing you to stick your thumbs through.
- 1 x Eddie Bauer Synthetic Baselayer
- 2 x Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge™ II Convertible Pants
- 1 x Columbia Men's Baselayer Midweight Tight
- 1 x Columbia Hiking Boots
- 1 x Hiking socks
- 1 x The North Face slip on shoes for tropical terrain
- 5 x T-shirts
- 7 x Boxer briefs
- 7 x Ecco socks
- 1 x Oakley sunglasses
- 1 x V. optical glasses
- 1 x The North Face gloves
- 1 x contacts case + contacts
- 1 x contacts solution

Electronics: [UPDATE]
- 1 x Macbook 13" (5lbs)
- 1 x Eagle Creek 5 Piece Adapter Set
- 1 x GoPro Hero 2 HD camera
- 1 x USB GoPro camera charger
- 1 x 16 GB SD Card
- 1 x GoPro headset + water proof case
- 1 x Samsung Galaxy II Skyrocket
- 1 x Samsung USB Adapter cellphone charger
- 1 x Swiss flashlight

Security & ID:
- 1 x Eagle Creek All Terrain Money Belt
- 1 x Eagle Creek Undercover™ Neck Wallet DLX

Travel Comfort:
- 1 x Eagle Creek Cat Nap Travel Blanket

Toiletry Stuff:
- 1 x Eagle Creek Pack-It™ Wallaby

Packing Solutions:
- 1 x Eagle Creek Pack-It™ Folder 18
- 1 x Eagle Creek Pack-It™ 2-Sided Cube

Important Documents, Writing Accessories, Book:
- 1 x Passport
- 1 x Collection of passport sized pictures
- 1 x Moleskin Notebook
- 1 x Muji multi-color pen + pencil
- 1 x International Medical Insurance Card
- 1 x "On Writing Well" by william zinsser

Medical Kit:
- I'm too lazy to type in what I have. If you want to know. Just ask me. All I can tell you is that it weights 2 lbs.

Let's Fly!

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My Solo RTW Trip

My Solo Round The World (RTW) Trip to Asia, the Pacific Islands, and the Middle East.

all seasons in one day 50 °F

Family, friends, countrymen, lend me your ears; I write here to tell you that I shall be backpacking across the globe. Even though I believe that time is a social construct, I think life is too short to achieve many of my personal and professional goals. I cannot accomplish them in one lifetime. However, that's not going to stop me because I'm so gangsta and I'm keep'n it real. Translation: I'm taking the opportunity I have right now prior to starting graduate school and pursuing my professional goals. I hope to build on the previous international experience I have learned from my Summer 2009 trip to this next international trip. In my previous trip, I carried my Samsonite luggage everywhere with me. I'm not joking. It was easier to carry it than to pull it because of the bumpy roads and many staircase steps. This time I bought a noice Osprey 55L backpack, which also can be a carry-on item, allowing me to eliminate check-in baggage costs. While meeting fellow solo backpackers, beggars, cougars, students, etc., learning new cultures, and eating delish food, I plan to explore life from a social, cultural, and political perspective, allowing me to gain a better appreciation and understanding what the world has to offer. This time I'll be a lil bit nicer to foreigners--ahem, French men-- who complain about US (Bush) foreign policy and stop being super duper stingy which almost cost my health. I was coughing bloody mucus!

I have to admit it is no easy task trying to plan my own solo RTW Trip. Though I could always hire someone to do it for me or buy the RTW Trip tickets sold by one of the 3 main RTW Trip service airlines: OneWorld Explorer , Skyteam, and I forget the last one. I realized I can save up to $2500 from the main airplane tickets. I've spent countless hours doing research on places where I want to go and eat. Seeking advice from globe trotting friends whom I've meet in Summer 2009 and friends whom I've met because we keep it real help a lot. However, researching and planning still continues!

On January 16, 2012, I will be flying out to Tokyo, Japan and heading back to hegemonic US from Cairo, Egypt to Washington, DC in mid-July 2012.

Please check the Google Map to see where I shall be visiting. If you have a google account, I can share my google cal with you, allowing you to know where and when I will be! If you had access to my cal but not anymore, I accidentally deleted you, so ask me for the access again!

I plan to video tape my journey as well! I am taking a GoPro Hero2 HD camera with me.

I also plan to do the 14-day trek with Sherpas to Mt. Everest base camp in May 2012. I'm seeking a partner or two, which reduces costs!

You can follow me on twitter @borntobackpack or this blog.

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The Bucket List Before 30

Bungee Jump
Fly in a hot air balloon
Ride a dolphin
Ride a camel

Food & Drinks
Learn how to cook bbq buns
Learn how to cook mantou
Learn how to make sushi
Learn how to cook mango rice pudding
Learn how to make awesome cocktails
Grow own herbs

Travel & Other Activities
Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
See the Northern Lights
Witness the Great Migration of Serengeti and Masai Mara
Visit the Grand Canyon
Visit the Taj Mahal
Visit the Great Pyramid of Giza
Visit the Cairo Citadel
Visit Petra
Explore Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument
Explore Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park
Witness the Wagah-Attari Border Closing Ceremony
Visit Ha Long Bay
Visit Komodo National Park
Research 15th-19th century Cantonese diaspora in Madagascar and South Africa
Learn Ballroom dancing
Learn advance origami

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